PregVit folic 5®

Vitamin-Mineral Supplement Tablets
High Dose Folic Acid for Prenatal Use


Vitamin-Mineral Supplement Tablets
for Prenatal/Postpartum Use

PregVit® and PregVit folic 5® are prescription products. They must be prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional. The information included in this web site is intended only for Canadian residents and is not meant to replace a medical consultation.

PregVit® and PregVit folic 5® are two prescription prenatal multivitamin-mineral supplements of the same family. Both contain the same combination of nutrients except for the folic acid level.
PregVit® contains 1.1 mg of folic acid while PregVit folic 5® contains 5 mg of folic acid.
Depending on your health status, your pregnancy history and stage, including breastfeeding, your healthcare professional will assess your needs for folic acid and prescribe the right product.

PregVit® and PregVit folic 5® do not contain lactose, gluten or tartrazine. Both products have received  Kosher-Passover and Halal certifications.   

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PregVit folic 5®

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PregVit®/PregVit folic 5®

PregVit® and PregVit folic 5® are trademarks owned by Duchesnay Inc. Except for product identification purposes, no use of the trademarks, trade names or brand presentation elements is permitted without the prior written authorization of Duchesnay Inc.

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