Corporate philosophy

The work environment at Duchesnay is motivating, collaborative and filled with learning opportunities.

Dany, Commercial Affairs


Guided by our commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency and safety, we add value to everything we do daily. We are results-oriented and constantly monitor our progress, always with deep concern for quality, health and respect for professional standards.


Proud of the products we offer, we never stop innovating and invest in research and development in order to present new and better treatment options to improve the health of women and their family members at every stage of life.


Every decision we make is guided by our unwavering commitment to honesty, openness and transparency.


Collaboration amongst our employees, partners and suppliers is key to our success. By leveraging our ideas, talents, expertise and common strengths, we contribute to improving the patient’s well-being.

Community service and environmental responsibility are also an integral part of Duchesnay’s culture.

Social responsibility

Duchesnay is firmly committed to contributing to our community. That is why we are actively involved in supporting several charitable organizations, including:

  • The OLO Foundation (nutritional support for disadvantaged women and children)
  • Moisson Laurentides (food bank)
  • The Cure Foundation Cure (breast cancer research)

Environmental responsibility

Duchesnay makes every effort to minimize its environmental footprint by:

  • Supporting various recycling programs
  • Membership in the Health Products Stewardship Association
  • Implementing several ecological initiatives, such replacing printed documents with electronic versions, prioritizing the use of ecologically responsible construction and renovation materials and the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system in our building.