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Duchesnay Inc. launches an eCommerce website for LadySystem®

The site allows women dealing with urinary stress incontinence to buy the product online in complete privacy


BLAINVILLE, QC (CANADA), April 26, 2016 – Duchesnay Inc., the only Canadian pharmaceutical company dedicated to women’s health and quality of life, is pleased to launch a brand new eCommerce website for LadySystem®, an effective, safe method of exercise with vaginal cones that uses the body’s natural reflexes to locate, contract and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to prevent and help control urinary stress incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is generally caused by a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. This is a group of muscles, ligaments and tissue that control the bladder. Urinary stress incontinence, still a taboo subject, accounts for half of all forms of incontinence. One in three women face urinary stress incontinence at some point in their lives, for instance, after pregnancy, with menopause or when engaging in sports.

“Unfortunately, urinary incontinence remains taboo and many women won’t talk about their condition or seek treatment out of fear of what their loved ones will think or because they are reluctant to talk about it with a healthcare professional,” said Ron Vaillancourt, communications manager at Duchesnay. “They tend to believe that the problem is unavoidable, but it is important to take preventive action quickly. Duchesnay is proud to offer women a website where they can get information and order a natural, effective solution in complete privacy.”

There are a number of approaches to treating urinary stress incontinence. Re-educating pelvic floor muscles (vaginal cones, Kegel exercises) is the most natural and recommended before considering medication or surgery. The majority of women have difficulty doing exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor (Kegel exercises) because they don’t know how to contract the right muscles. So they do not get the results they hoped for.

Vaginal cones direct the contractions precisely to the pelvic floor muscles. Once a cone is inserted in the vagina, the pelvic muscles automatically contract around it to hold it in place. In 2006, vaginal cones were included in a clinical guideline from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada as a method for re-educating the pelvic floor in women experiencing urinary stress incontinence.

About LadySystem®

LadySystem® is a first-line non-surgical therapy for treating urinary stress incontinence caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor. LadySystem® is available with or without a prescription, but may be reimbursed by certain private insurance plans when prescribed by a healthcare professional. LadySystem® does not contain Latex®, and the materials used to manufacture it meet pharmacological safety standards. Women who have an IUD, are pregnant or have recently had an episiotomy, a caesarean or other gynaecological complication should consult a healthcare professional to determine whether LadySystem® is right for them. For more information, visit

About Duchesnay

Duchesnay Inc. is a Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to improve the health and quality of life of pregnant women by working at advancing maternal-fetal medicine to reduce the risk of birth defects and by developing safe and effective pharmacological solutions for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. For more information, visit