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Mictoryl® and Mictoryl® Pediatric now available and distributed in Canada by Duchesnay

BLAINVILLE, Quebec (Canada) – May 9, 2017 – Duchesnay is pleased to announce that Mictoryl® and Mictoryl® Pediatric (propiverine hydrochloride) are now available and ready for distribution in Canada for the symptomatic treatment of urinary incontinence and/or increased urinary frequency and urgency in patients with overactive bladder (OAB). 1

Éric Gervais, Executive Vice President of Duchesnay, explains: "OAB is a medical condition that affects millions of Canadians each year, including children, and significantly impacts their quality of life. Duchesnay is pleased to offer a new therapeutic option, which is also indicated for pediatric use.”

According to Dr. Jacques Corcos, urologist at the Jewish General Hospital and professor of Urology at McGill University, “Mictoryl is an interesting molecule approved for the adult and pediatric populations. Its dosage flexibility and its efficacy make it a credible alternative to other anticholinergics in OAB.”

Jacqueline Cahill, Executive Director of the Canadian Continence Foundation, confirmed that “The Foundation is very pleased that a new therapeutic option is now available for patients suffering from overactive bladder, especially since it comes in both adult and pediatric formulations.”

Overactive bladder consists of urinary urgency, usually accompanied by frequency and nocturia, which is defined as the need to wake up to urinate frequently during the night, with or without urge incontinence. 2


Mictoryl® and Mictoryl® Pediatric are for adults and children who have difficulty in controlling their bladder due to bladder overactivity. Symptoms of bladder overactivity include the urgent need to urinate, needing to urinate more frequently or having the inability to hold one’s urine.

Mictoryl is available in 30 mg and 45 mg modified-release capsules and is indicated in adults, including the geriatric population (>65 years of age).

Mictoryl Pediatric is available in 5 mg immediate release tablets and is indicated for body weight adjusted dosing in children from the age of 5 years with OAB up to a body weight of 35 kg. In children and adolescents with a body weight over 35 kg, the maximum recommended dose is 30 mg, administered in two daily doses.

Mictoryl® and Mictoryl® Pediatric were developed by the German pharmaceutical company, Apogepha, which specializes in the field of Urology. For more information about this medication, including contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse reactions and dosing, please visit the Duchesnay website to access the product monograph and Consumer Information.

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1 Product Monograph, Mictoryl®/Mictoryl® Pediatric, Duchesnay Inc., Blainville, QC, Canada, December 30, 2016.
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