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The employees and management of the Duchesnay-Medunik Canada group raised $ 6,500 to support Moisson Laurentides cause

Bazaar (books, CD, DVD, games), jeans-day, BBQ, sweet Mondays (dessert home recipes), drawing of a reserved parking place for two months, Zumba class … These are only a few of the activities organized by the Duchesnay and Medunik Canada teams throughout the year 2013 to support Moisson Laurentides, whose mission is to help families in need.

The money raised from these activities was matched by the company management. Therefore, a total of 6,500 $ was donated to Moisson Laurentides.

Duchesnay and Medunik Canada employees are proud to put their energy and enthusiasm to a cause dear to their heart in their local community. The activities and challenges organized throughout the year have also stimulated team spirit among employees.

Moisson Laurentides 2013 big
From left to right:
Rita Zalatan, organizing committee, Duchesnay
Annie Bélanger, Gen. Mgr., Moisson Laurentides
Elizabeth Deveau, organizing committee, Duchesnay
Danny Martel, organizing committee, Medunik Canada