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Duchesnay launches PregVit

September 12, 2003 - Duchesnay Inc, a Montreal-based pharmaceutical company has just announced the launch of PrPregVit™, a unique 2-step prescription preconceptional, prenatal and postnatal vitamin-mineral supplement. Its innovative formulation is designed to optimize the absorption of the nutrients that are the most important during pregnancy and lactation, namely folic acid, iron and calcium.

PrPregVit™'s 17 vitamin/mineral formulation provides:

  • small and easy-to-swallow tablets
  • enhanced iron absorption by separating iron and calcium into 2 different tablets (morning and evening). to avoid the inhibitory effect of the calcium on the iron absorption, as recommended in the Health Canada's National Guidelines for the childbearing age
  • optimal iron content, allowing reduced related side-effects (such as constipation)
  • optimal calcium absorption by including the calcium in the evening tablet
  • morning/evening unit dose blister cards packaged in a 30-day dispensing carton
  • Preparing your pregnancy, an information booklet for expectant mothers

Éric Gervais, Duchesnay's Executive Vice-President, stated: "PrPregVit™ is a natural extension of our commitment to the health of pregnant women and their unborn children. We wanted PrPregVit™ to be on prescription so that healthcare providers can best advise their pregnant patients on the important elements to seek in a preconceptional, prenatal and postpartum vitamin supplement."