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Duchesnay takes an ecological step with a new presentation of its prescription prenatal vitamins PregVit folic 5® and PregVit®

Laval, July 7, 2008 - Duchesnay the only Canadian pharmaceutical company dedicated to the health of pregnant women and their unborn children, is proud to take a new step to protect the environment in which these children will grow.

While respecting its priorities and its commitment toward the mother and her child, Duchesnay has redesigned the presentation of its PregVit folic 5® and PregVit® prescription prenatal multivitamins and reduced the volume of packaging by 60%. PregVit folic 5® and PregVit® new 30-day packs now contain two blister cards instead of five, which allows for a box half of its current size. The number of tablets remains the same, i.e. 30 pink (a.m.) tablets to be taken daily in the morning and 30 blue (p.m.) tablets to be taken in the evening. In addition to improving patients' compliance, the blister packaging helps to prevent accidental ingestion of large doses of iron by toddlers, a leading cause of pediatric poisoning deaths for children under 6.

"We are happy to respond to suggestions that we received from women who are taking our prenatal vitamins and who want to preserve the environment of their unborn", stated Éric Gervais, Duchesnay's Executive Vice-President. "By investing in a more eco-friendly package for its prenatal multivitamins, Duchesnay is proudly contributing to the collective sustainable development effort to ensure a greener planet for the coming generations".

Again in response to requests expressed by a number of mothers-to-be who wanted to have access to prenatal vitamin supplementation that would respect their specific nutritional restrictions, Duchesnay has recently announced that PregVit folic 5 and PregVit formulations are now certified Kosher and Halal, and are also free of lactose, gliadin-gluten and tartrazine.

About Duchesnay

Based in Laval, Québec, Duchesnay is the first pharmaceutical company to dedicate itself exclusively to pregnant women and their newborns, to ensure that expecting women who require pharmacological treatments for pre-existing or pregnancy-related diseases have access to proper counselling and to medications that are proven safe for them and for their newborns.