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Prevegyne™: A new Solution for the Treatment and Prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis Now Available in Canada

Blainville, January 26, 2011 – Prevegyne™, a novel and natural treatment to help women overcome their recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis, is now available in Canada. This announcement was made by Duchesnay Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on women's health and quality of life.

Prevegyne™ is a special controlled-release vaginal tablet formulation containing ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as the active ingredient. It treats and prevents Bacterial Vaginosis by acidifying the vaginal fluid to restore the physiological pH. This mode of action promotes the growth of protective bacteria (lactobacilli) to the detriment of pathogenic bacteria (such as Gardnerella Vaginalis), which cannot survive in an acidic environment. By ensuring a healthy and long-lasting balance of the vaginal flora, Prevegyne™ helps prevent recurrence of the bacterial infection.

Dre Céline Bouchard, Associate Clinical Professor, Université Laval, Québec, explains that "Bacterial Vaginosis is the most frequent vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. It is not only associated with unpleasant symptoms for the women, but it can also be related to serious health problems such as premature labour, post-surgery infections and an increased risk of HIV coinfection. The rate of recurrence is high, i.e. around 30 %."

According to Éric Gervais, Duchesnay's Executive Vice-President, "Prevegyne™ provides an efficient and new solution to reduce the recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis, which represents 40% to 50% of all vaginitis. According to the available data, from 40 to 50% women treated with antibiotics (e.g. metronidazole, clindamycine) see their symptoms reoccur within 12 months following treatment. Because of their special controlled-release formulation, Prevegyne™ vaginal tablets ensure a long-lasting balance of the bacterial flora and help prevent recurrence of symptoms."

"Prevegyne™ is available at the pharmacy counter. We recommend that this product be prescribed by a healthcare professional following a differential diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis. In addition, we provide a Medical information service to patients, either via a toll-free line, or by e-mail. They can also visit the web site" concluded Éric Gervais.