We are a company dedicated to the health of Canadian women and their family members at every stage of life

Duchesnay’s long-standing commitment to women’s health expands from pregnancy and breastfeeding to menopause.

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Our Mission

The mission of Duchesnay is based on our deep conviction that by promoting the well-being of each individual we contribute to the well-being of society as a whole. This mission guides us to invest all our efforts in the research and development of innovative treatments for a variety of medical conditions to promote women’s health and that of their family members at every stage of life.

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Our Vision

We at Duchesnay choose to broaden our horizons and challenge the impossible to offer cutting-edge therapeutic solutions to patients by investing our hearts, minds and all our resources in the never-ending processes of innovation, development and improvement of our products aimed to create better conditions so every individual can reach their full potential.

Our Values

The corporate culture of Duchesnay is based on four core values: excellence, integrity, innovation, and collaboration, which are concrete tools that help us ensure access to our most effective and innovative health solutions.

These values are what have earned Duchesnay the respect, trust and support of stakeholders in the medical community across Canada.

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Guided by our commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency and safety, we add value to everything we do daily. We are results-oriented and constantly monitor our progress, always with deep concern for quality, health and respect for professional standards.


Every decision we make is guided by our unwavering commitment to honesty, openness and transparency.


Proud of our products, we never stop innovating and investing in research and development in order to offer new and better treatment options to improve the health of women and their family members at every stage of life.


Collaboration among our employees, partners and suppliers is key to our success. By leveraging our ideas, talents, expertise and common strengths, we contribute to improving the patient’s well-being.

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